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“It’s like the greatest hits of all over the world in one place”

-Jeremy Clarkson


Relocation Services for Families and Individuals

With the rising costs of education, health care, and housing, now is the time to start living rather than simply surviving. Today, more than ever before, you have the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere with a stable internet connection—you're no longer tied to your desk in the office. After overcoming its problems of the past, Colombia's economy is growing, and as it stands today it remains one of the oldest and most stable democracies in the world. In this century Colombia has established itself as a liberal and inclusive society with a focus on sustainability. Just a short flight away from the US and Canada, make those long dark winters a thing of the past.


We offer assistance in:


  • Immigration / Visas

  • Real estate sales and rentals

  • School selection

  • Tax and Banking


On any budget we can tailor a number of options around your wants and needs, even if that includes the weather. 


Cost of Living in Colombia


“One of the reasons Colombia ranks so highly on International Living’s retirement-destination index is its low cost of living. The expat publication says there are many parts of Colombia in which a couple can live off $2,000 per month or less. International Living’s sample budget for a couple renting a furnished three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in Medellín looks like this:

  • Rent: $1,250

  • Utilities (electric, water, natural gas): $105

  • Internet, phone, cable TV: $75

  • Groceries: $175

  • Maid (twice a week): $120

  • Cinema (once a week): $56

  • Dinner out (twice a week): $320

  • Public transportation: $90” (Source investopedia)


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